New Mothers Support Groups

One of our other areas of expertise is working with new moms and their infants in six-week psycho-educational/support groups through GRASP Group. These co-facilitated, professionally led groups are a nurturing and informative place to share your experiences of becoming a new mom. Women gather information on topics that explore the transition to motherhood, the developmental and emotional growth of the child, couples’ relationships post baby, and the development of the mother-baby bond and much, much more. Women who join our group have access to professional knowledge and the shared knowledge and support of the other new moms each week.

Psychotherapy can be extremely rewarding and highly beneficial for most people. Our clients report consistently positive results from their experience in treatment such as possessing a greater sense of well-being, improved mood, increased self-esteem, enhanced communication skills, better boundaries, healthier relationships, less stress, greater coping, and deepened personal insight or meaning in their lives.

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Complementary Phone Consultation

This 10-15 minute phone calls allows us to briefly discuss why you are seeking services, what you are hoping to get out of our time together, issues surrounding insurance and payment and setting up an initial assessment. Our conversation will also allow you to discover if you think we may be a good therapeutic fit. Once this phone consultation is completed we encourage you to fill out all the intake documents prior to our session. This allows us to spend our first session on you and not your paperwork.